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astro siam
we often heard/used astro right..??it's a little bit weird when i called astro siam.haha.dalam kurungan,'s totally different from OUR astro.but the channels..em..lebih kurang la...cuma no malay subtitles and language at all..(MEMANG LA BODOH>>NAMA PON ASTRO SIAM)huhu..but at least letak la english tngok gambar je lah.

my dad bought it and set it up in our house in langkawi.contains hundreds of channels yang mmg gempak

including (action,thriller,romance.....)ergh!!
for 18 and above only but my sissy yang kcik tu doesn't even care about the age..

dia macam org tua age 40 yang sedang tengok 18sg,18sx tnpa perasaan apa pon.and this make her turn to be an experience girl..haha..kalah,during our hols kat sni,IPM ni je lah peneman hidup..boring tadak tahap..ya la...sebelum ni kat shah alam,n alor setar,berjalan x kira masa...bila balik sini mati akai daa..huhu.
mama,when i'll be going back to shah alam...nk msuk fac balik.x sabar jmpa mber2 sna..i miss them so fucking damn much...
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