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how to treat a guy
hey guys..for the couples,do u happy with your guy?here are some tips to make u live forever with him.try to follow the tips or else your fate will be like mine..huhu

1. tell him he looks awesome when he thinks he doesn't.
2. u don't ever embarriss him infront of his friends.
3. help him understand how girls work.
4. Be understanding when he stressed of his studies.
5. DON'T EVER underestimate him.
6. Cuddle him every night :3
7. Try to limit your shopping expenses.
8. Hold his when he nerves (be with him before he starts his presentation or his exams)
9. be the best for him
10. Introduce him to your MOM & DAD with confidence he won't say something stupid.
11. Do anything to make him feel better.
12. Take care of him when he's ill.
13. Talk to him no matter what time he calls you.
14. Don't ever blame him for trivial accidents.
15. Make him a romantic dinner to surprise him.
16. Be ready for anything he has to say. Don't ever fight him back.
17. One day, be a caring mother to his children.
18. Make sure he knows just how much you love him ONLY...
19. Be totally open with him
20. Don't forget to tell him your secrets.
21. Listen to whatever he has to say despite how long the conversation is.
22. Defend him in front of everybody.
23. Talk things over with him to make sure its okay.
24.  Treat him like a person,a LOVER..not a hot rod,or a stranger or even a crap.
25. Be nice to his friends even if they are jerks.
26. REMEMBER!guys need just much attention as us girls!! So treat them right!!
27.  Be his ONLY ONE make him your ONLY ONE.
28. When he calls you 'beautiful', don't argue with him.
29.  Don't talk to other guys that he hates.or if must, ask his permission first.
30. Don't ask him to beat up another guy, bcause u might get what you wish for.
31. When he believes in you,never pretend like you are going to break up with him.
32. Don't expect gifts when he goes away. probably he goes through a lot of trouble to get one for you.
33. Try to treat him well either u are PMS-ing.
34.  He loves u how the way you are. Don't ever change it! AND love him the way he is.Don't change him.
35. Text and call him everyday. He waants to know your life. He cares for you.
36. Impress his mom! make his mom one of your besties.
37.  Hang out at his house often.
38. Never let him win the 'I LOVE U MORE' game. if he wants to play.
39.  Whenever things get quiet, make an inside joke until he laugh/smile.
40. Invite him to go places he wants to be with you and don't forget him when he is there.

Last but not least, love him because he loves you.

this tips can make u live with him,follow it slowly. i tried to fulfill the rules. RM
written by *SS*

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