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bon voyage thailand.
Assalamualaikum, hey Malaysia! I am back. The two weeks trip to Krabi is one of my memorable moment. Bukan senang nak gather satu family. Semua asyik busy including ME!! huhu. Biasa la, tengah focus untuk finishing my diploma. One more year to go! Back to the topic, we went to Krabi for Aidiladha festive. Lama tak jumpa adik-beradik.

The beaches are soooo nice.. but i didn't have enough time to edit all those pictures so I just straightly upload it.

 Ao Nang Beach, Krabi
This is where my granny stay

OMG!!! can u see thatttt!! seriously, rindu nak makan french chicken tapi apakan daya.. Non-halal pulak..

Haha. Tiba-tiba terpikat dengan icon ni!

This is how orang-orang siam sangkut baju. ikut saiz cek oii

last day at suwanna hotel :)

the kids and the beach <3

the view.


with mama :)

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